AlleyCat Driving School was proudly established in 2017. We offer professional Code B driving lessons conducted by a friendly qualified instructor with more than 10 years experience.


We teach students to sucessfully and safely apply K-53 method of driving. It consists out of conduct and rules of the road, how to read and understand road signs and apply safe driving at all times. It starts with a Learner's License once a student is of legal age.


We offer study material and tutoring to clients that need to obtain their Learner's License. We assist with bookings and test days of both the Learner's License and Driver's License. This includes transport to and from the Licensing Department.


Once a client obtain their Learner's License they can immediately start with the practical lessons. Here we teach them how to drive safely and how to properly park. The parking includes parallel parking, alley docking, three-point-turn and incline start.


We assist with all codes Learner's Licenses but only Code B driver training available. 

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